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Stozo Table Decor - Square stage


This is a perfect stage for you to share your story of this holiday season. The 'Stozo Frozen drops mini chips' acts as a perfect canvas for all kinds of stories this holiday season. The lighting adds a dramatic effect to the story. Can be used in homes, workspaces, shops, institutions. It comes with Christmas decorative ornaments. Can be combined with the Stozo Decorated Pebbles and any other christmas ornaments or miniture resin figurines.  


It consists of

* 1 square base which is lit from underneath using USB

* 1KG of Stozo Frozen drops mini chips (the stage on top of the square      acrylic sheet.

* Pack of 4 Decorated Pebbles (assorted)

* 1  mini Christmas tree (15 cm)

* 1 Pack of mini Christmas tree decorations including mini ribbon and mini bells

* 1 Glass candle holder with tealight candle


Due to the nature of the pebbles, there will be colour, shape and size changes between each pebble.


Gift packing and early delivery available.

Stozo Table Decor - Square stage (show your story)

3,500.00₹ سعر عادي
2,900.00₹سعر البيع
  • * The acrylic on top is not fixed ( for users to adjust the lights as per their prefered story).

    * Not suitable for children under the age of 5. 

    * Not suitable for outdoor usage.