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Flat pebbles - for painting:


It consists of Flat pebbles that are suitable for pebble painting, mandala art and pebble art. We have Large flat pebbles(100mm long x 15mm thick) and Small flat pebbles (60 mm long and 20-25mm thick approx). The colours are assorted brown and dark grey. Acrylic paint is one of the suilable mediums for painting on pebbles.


Our packaging consists of 3 Variants:


Large size - (5 large pebbles)

Assorted size - (3 large pebbles + 6 small pebbles)

Small size - (15 small pebbles)


Due to the nature of the pebbles, there will be colour, shape and size changes between each pebble.

Flat Pebbles - for painting

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