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Stozo pebbles - tablescape - planter
Stozo pebbles - Tuscan Vines
Merry Christmas - Stozo pebbles Decorated pebbles for christmas decorations
Black painted pebble for pebble art
Stozo pebble hobby quiz


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Stozo was envisioned to bring natural stone pebbles to designed environments. We are proud that for more than 20 years our pebbles have been helping people to connect with nature through outdoor garden, indoor gardens, kitchen garden, pet aquariums etc,. Stozo pebbles have been utilized in a wide range of installations and applications. Architects, interior designers, and landscapers hold our products in high regard. They value the aesthetics, versatility, and durability that our pebbles bring to their projects.

 Check it out and create your own story of nature!


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