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Stozo pebbles - tablescape - planter
Stozo pebbles - Tuscan Vines
Merry Christmas - Stozo pebbles Decorated pebbles for christmas decorations
Black painted pebble for pebble art
Stozo pebble hobby quiz


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Stozo was envisioned to bring natural products to designed environments. Now more than ever, we all are longing to reconnect with nature and embrace its marvels. Each person will have their unique way of connecting with nature. We are proud that for more than 20 years our products have been helping people to connect with nature through outdoor garden, indoor gardens, kitchen garden, pet aquariums etc,. We ensure a varied genuine versions of nature in all our products. Stozo helps you to bring your story of nature into your daily lives. Check it out and create your own story of nature!


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What pebble hobby should you try next?

Pebble Ideas

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The range of variety in size, colour and pattern of Stozo's products  are very mindful. These natural pebbles added an eye for detail to my space.


Being a designer, it was great communicating my design ideas and finding the right product for my design ideas. Thank you for being attentive to my needs, no matter how small/banal.


Lovely pebbles especially for painting. I'm regularly buying flat pebbles for painting purpose and their service is too good.

Nandini Jayaprakash

Stozo pebbles are wonderful addition to my plants as top dressing. Beautifully coloured pebbles. Very responsive and helpful. Thanks a lot for the wonderful deal

Souvik Ray

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